Do You Knead A Massage?

Massage has been around for centuries, and over that time period many different styles and applications have been discovered. This means that if you feel like you need a massage, one massage option is not as good as all the others. The best way to find release from pain is to choose the right massage for your needs. Understanding different massage techniques will help you to choose the right approach to target the type of pain that you feel. 

Kneading Is not Just for Dough

Many different types of massage techniques use some form of kneading. The term kneading refers to how you manipulate dough in order to mix in the glutens. While you can't fold a person's flesh like you could a lump of dough, the motion of digging knuckles  into a person's back or leg can mimic the way a baker works with dough. It is a good technique for a deep tissue massage, but it can leave you feeling a little bit sore and tense. Deep tissue massage is the right approach if you are trying to work through deep problems. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more relaxing massage, you might need to go with a different approach.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones may not be used to manipulate muscle, but if they are placed properly, they can radiate deep into your muscles. Heat can help to relax tense muscles. Sometimes relaxing your muscles can be just as helpful as working through deep injuries. At the same time, if you don't have a deep injury, relaxation might be all you need to start feeling better. 

Ice Massage

Heat is good for releasing tension in muscles, but if you have swollen and aggravated tendons, then heat can only add to the inflammation. If you want to relax swollen tendons, you can ask your massage therapist to use an ice massage. The cold will help to reduce the swelling and the massage can help to work out some of the scar tissue and damage. 

A good massage can be just what you need to relax your muscles after a strenuous day at the office; to work out some scarring from an old, nagging injury; or to alleviate pain in a swollen joint. If you don't know what type of massage you might need, you can describe your needs to your massage therapists (like those at Gordon Head Massage Therapy) so that they can discern the right massage for your needs.