Building A Relationship With Your Nearest Walk-In Clinic

Health issues, injuries and illness can take place at some inconvenient times, and while they may not be serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, you still need proper care. Unfortunately, a general physician practice isn't likely to have room to squeeze you in on a moment's notice, so you're left with just one option. Many walk-in clinics, such as One Stop Medical Centre & Boniface Park Medical Centre, offer quality care with minimal waiting, but there are time saving steps you can take which will not only cut your wait time but also improve the quality of care you receive.

If They're Prepared, So Are You

Your relationship with any medical practice is largely based on your medical records, which will tell a physician all about your health history. Take some time to drop into your nearest walk-in clinic and sign any necessary forms to give them access, and establish yourself as a past patient. In some cases, you may even be able to do this without having to be seen by a doctor, because you're simply filling out paperwork.

With all the necessary forms signed, the office staff can begin the process of pulling up your files and adding them to their records long before you're in need of their services. This means that when you do come in with an actual health problem they'll have the information they need and you won't have to wait as long to be seen. Better yet, you won't have to fill out all those forms while you're sick or in pain.

Getting to Know You

There's only so much that any healthcare professional can learn about you from your medical records. Having them on file makes things more convenient, but it doesn't establish any rapport with the staff or doctors who work there. Make a point of coming in for care at least once, so you can get an idea of just what level of care you can expect and who you're dealing with.

A familiar face is often more welcoming than a total stranger, so in this case it's a matter of improving the quality of your experience rather than the speed at which you receive care. Remember that you're planning for a time when you can't be seen by your regular physician, so it's entirely likely you'll be in a foul mood the next time you walk through their doors. Getting to know the people who will be treating you while you're in good spirits will improve your disposition toward them when you're in a more dire condition.

Walk-in clinics provide a vital service in many communities, but most people never see the inside until a minor emergency arises. Save yourself some time, stress and uncertainty by establishing a working relationship with the clinic you're most likely to visit when the need arises. You'll be glad you did when the time comes.