3 Alternative Asthma Therapies

Relieving the symptoms of your asthma can be a difficult proposition. Beyond the various prescriptions and techniques that are generally recommended by physicians, there are also numerous alternative therapies. It should be noted that these therapies should be used in conjunction with your doctor's recommendation, not as an outright replacement. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few of these alternative therapies.

Acupuncture Therapy

This method is recommended for those who are not afraid of needles, as this method certainly involves them. Acupuncturists claim that their method works by directing the flow of "qi" or primal energies throughout the body by manipulating areas around the kidneys, lungs, and stomach. In other words, acupuncture involves needles being stuck in certain areas of the skin in order to affect how the body treats or reacts to certain ailments. Studies have shown that, given time, acupuncture can improve one's ability to breathe despite the fact that they are suffering from asthma.

Massage Therapy

A deep massage can greatly work towards decreasing the severity of your asthma symptoms. There are even massage therapists that directly work primarily with asthmatic clients. Usually, a massage therapists who focuses on treating asthma will work on providing the areas around your neck and ribcage a deep tissue massage. This sort of massage will not only work towards releasing your sinuses and opening up passage to your lungs, but can also decrease stress, which ultimately can decrease the amount of inflammation in your body, including your bronchial tubes. The issue with a stress can be a circular situation: the amount of stress you have in your life can increase the amount of inflammation in your bronchial tubes and vice versa. A deep tissue massage can serve to relieve both. 

Dietary Issues

Consider changing your diet to relieve some of the symptoms associated with asthma. An anti-inflammatory diet, such as one based largely around Mediterranean foods, can work towards decreasing the amount of swelling and inflammation in your bronchial tubes. This sort of diet is heavy on brightly colored fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, and tends to avoid heavy meats and dairy products which can serve to inflame the bronchial tubes.

This brief guide should have given you some idea of how to go about relieving the issues surrounding your asthma condition. Although considered "alternative" by many, these methods can help you, regardless. To find out more, contact someone like Ladner Harbourside Therapeutic Massage Clinic.