Dealing With A Weakened Pelvic Floor? 4 Symptoms That Can Benefit From Physiotherapy

If your pelvic floor has been weakened by multiple pregnancies, or by the natural aging process, it's time to talk to your doctor about treatment options. You might think that surgery is the only option available to you, but that's not the case. Physiotherapy can actually provide relief from many of the symptoms you can experience as a result of a weakened pelvic floor. In fact, physiotherapy can reverse many of those symptoms. Read the list provided below. Here are four signs that physiotherapy might be the best treatment option for your weakened pelvic floor. 

You Have Urine Leaks

If you need to wear protective pads in your undergarments to protect against urine leaks, physiotherapy can help. When your pelvic floor is weakened, your bladder might not have the muscle strength to control your flow of urine. That's where physiotherapy comes into the picture. Physiotherapy can strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, which will help you avoid urine leaks. 

Your Bladder Protrudes

If you've lost strength in your pelvic floor, you need to worry about your internal organs, especially the ones that rest in your lower abdomen. Weakened muscles in the pelvic floor can lead to organ protrusion. When that happens, your bladder, bowels, and uterus can drop down into the pelvic floor. Without the right treatment, you might need surgery to repair the damage. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the need for surgical intervention by strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor. 

You Have Vaginal Pain

If you've been diagnosed with a weakened pelvic floor, you may experience vaginal pain. This is especially true if you're dealing with organ prolapse as a result of the weakened pelvic floor. You may experience pain during sexual intercourse. You may also experience pain while sitting or while wearing pants. If vaginal pain is interfering with your life, it's time to talk to your doctor about physiotherapy. Treatment with physiotherapy can restore muscle strength, which can alleviate the pain you're experiencing. 

You Have Recurring UTIs

If you've been dealing with recurring UTIs, and you suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles, physiotherapy may be the answer. You might not know this, but when your pelvic floor is weak, your bladder may not empty as well as it should. Unfortunately, that can lead to an increased occurrence of urinary tract infections. Physiotherapy strengthens the muscles in your pelvic floor, which allows your bladder to empty properly. As a result, you'll experience fewer urinary tract infections. 

For more information, reach out to a local pelvic floor physiotherapy service near you.