New To Wearing Hearing Aids? Tips For Adjusting

Adjusting to wearing hearing aids can be a struggle for anyone. Most people will need a short period of time to adjust, especially if they have been dealing with hearing loss for an extended period of time. While adjusting to hearing new sounds is expected, they will also have to adjust to physically wearing the hearing aid. Learning how to speak at a comfortable level will also be a part of the adjustment process, especially if a person has gotten used to speaking loudly so they can hear themselves. Luckily there are some tips and tricks for adjusting to wearing hearing aids:

Adjusting in Certain Environments

When a person first gets hearing aids, every sound will be something new. For the first few days, try to stay at home and adjust to the television and having conversations with your family. Try to avoid certain environments such as a restaurant or crowded shopping center, as everything will sound out of balance. When you are ready to go out, start by going to a local park or library. These are generally quiet environments that will allow you to adjust to being in public without the noise of a large group of people.

Knowing What to Expect

Knowing upfront what to expect when the hearing aid is first turned on can help a person adjust to new sounds. Be ready for everything to seem like it is too loud, as you will be hearing things that you have not heard for awhile. Also be prepared to not understand everything you hear, especially when there are other sounds in the background. Your voice will sound different than it did before, and your ears may feel as though they are plugged up. Certain environments may seem too noisy, and may require additional time before you feel comfortable.

Helpful Strategies

One of the most important things to remember when adjusting to wearing hearing aids is to be patient. It is not going to come overnight, and you will have to try different strategies to find what works for you. Examples of strategies that a person new to wearing hearing aids can include:

  • Paying attention to faces and gestures of people they are talking to
  • Rephrasing what you hear in order to verify details
  • Eliminating background noises
  • Asking people to speak one at a time
  • Don't be afraid to ask other people to speak slowly or loudly if necessary, and ask them to look at you when they speak

If you are really struggling with adjusting to wearing hearing aids, contact your doctor for a follow up appointment. They can discuss your concerns and help with additional methods for adjusting to the new sounds you are hearing every day. In time, it will be like you've been wearing the hearing aids all along.

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