3 Great Benefits Of A Compounding Pharmacy

People in this day and age are looking for new and different ways to get the most out of their health and medical care. One such option that you have if you're looking for a change is to get remedies from a compounding pharmacy. These pharmacies provide you with completely customized medical concoctions completely tailor made for your needs and your condition. This differs from the pharmacies that simply prescribe name brand drugs to patients after a referral from a doctor. [Read More]

Should Your Child Get Contact Lenses?

If it has been decided by an optometrist that your child needs corrective lenses, your child may have asked you for contact lenses. Children often think they are going to be picked on for wearing glasses, or they just don't like the idea of wearing them. With more children and people in general wearing glasses these days, your child may not endure any bullying over their glasses, but they may not realize this. [Read More]

What Is Blepharitis And How Is It Treated?

If you have woken up to red, itchy and crusted eyelids, you might have blepharitis. This is a common condition, but also one that needs to be treated. Here is more information about blepharitis and the treatment options that are available. How do you know you have blepharitis? The first thing you should know is how to recognize the signs and symptoms of blepharitis. This condition is sometimes confused with pink eye, so it helps to know the range of symptoms you should be looking for. [Read More]

The Pros And Cons Of Three Common Dental Crown Materials

Dental crowns can be a great alternative to extraction and the use of an implant for teeth that have been badly damaged by decay or other means. While there are many material options available, a few options stand out the most due to their durability and ability to blend in with the surrounding teeth. Below are three of the most common material options for dental crowns and their pros and cons. Stainless Steel Crowns [Read More]