Stress Busting Tips For Better Health

If you've come to accept constant stress as just an everyday part of life, you could be risking your health. While it's impossible to avoid all stress, especially in today's busy world, too much stress is definitely not a good thing. Chronic stress can cause heart problems, high blood pressure and digestive problems, leaving you in poor health and feeling horrible. Here are some simple, effective ways to battle stress and keep yourself healthy. [Read More]

Four Ways To Help Your Teen Adjust To Hearing Aids

Whether your teen has always dealt with hearing loss or whether they are just now having hearing loss come into their lives, there are a few ways you will want them to adjust to using their hearing aids. Most often, once children become teenagers, they find themselves embarrassed to have to use hearing aids in their day-to-day lives. In order to help your teen adjust and actually want to use the hearing aids regularly, you will want to know these four things to do to help them adjust: [Read More]

Three Signs You May Need A Hearing Aid

Although some people lose their hearing because of a lot of exposure to loud noises without using hearing protection, such as earplugs, one of the main causes of hearing loss is the aging process. As you age, it can affect all the tiny hairs in your inner ears that sense sounds. However, because this is a gradual process, you may not realize at first that you're starting to experience hearing loss. [Read More]

4 Things to Know about Compounding Pharmacies

If you have a child that doesn't like the taste of their medication or you need a special formula of medication, you may be in need of a compounding pharmacy. Not all pharmacies offer compounding processes, but many of them do. Here is more information about these pharmacies and why they exist. What Compounding Pharmacies Do Compounding pharmacies essentially make drugs for patients that have specific needs that regular drugs can't provide them. [Read More]