The Pros And Cons Of Three Common Dental Crown Materials

Dental crowns can be a great alternative to extraction and the use of an implant for teeth that have been badly damaged by decay or other means. While there are many material options available, a few options stand out the most due to their durability and ability to blend in with the surrounding teeth. Below are three of the most common material options for dental crowns and their pros and cons. Stainless Steel Crowns [Read More]

Eyeglasses For Kids With Down Syndrome

If your child has Down Syndrome, you may initially have been surprised to learn that they have a very high likelihood of needing eyeglasses. In fact more than 50% of kids with Down Syndrome have some sort of eye disease. Here are some tips if you are embarking on eye care for your Down Syndrome child and some welcome news about advances in eyeglasses for this special group of kids. [Read More]

Building A Relationship With Your Nearest Walk-In Clinic

Health issues, injuries and illness can take place at some inconvenient times, and while they may not be serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, you still need proper care. Unfortunately, a general physician practice isn't likely to have room to squeeze you in on a moment's notice, so you're left with just one option. Many walk-in clinics, such as One Stop Medical Centre & Boniface Park Medical Centre, offer quality care with minimal waiting, but there are time saving steps you can take which will not only cut your wait time but also improve the quality of care you receive. [Read More]

2 Questions To Ask Your Potential Home Care Provider

If a privately retained home care provider isn't providing much more than what you can receive from your province's federally funded system, then what's the point? Here's a couple of questions you should ask a potential home care service. Are You an Individual or an Organization? Whom you're dealing with isn't always apparent. Some individuals present themselves as an organization. And while there's nothing inherently wrong with hiring an individual for home care, it's not something you should consider lightly. [Read More]